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Practice Screen

You always play black, and white leads half the time. Either side may pass to indicate tenuki. An incorrect move or pass will fail the attempt and display correct variations. Click the board to start the next attempt!

Score points for each move in a successful joseki, with multipliers for combos, unique joseki finished, and total joseki in your library. Practice everyday to keep your streak.

Edit Screen
Josek Cat begins with just a few common joseki to get you started - adding your own is the whole point!

Enter moves and an optional comment, then hit save. Your new joseki will appear in practice sessions, and the comment will be displayed once it is completed.

You can click existing joseki in the menu below to edit them.

All joseki are automatically mirrored, rotated, and played by both colors during pratice sessions - no need to manually enter these variations.

If you're like me, you can't remember a joseki the first time you learn it in a lecture or a game review. I wanted a place I could write down the joseki, fuseki, and other patterns I "should" know. Wouldn't it be great if that list also helped you practice, too?

The other tools I found for practicing joseki had pre-made libraries that were full of variations I hadn't learned, and didn't want to understand yet. So I created Joseki Cat to practice just the joseki I wanted. Hopefully it helps you too!

How to Use

Remember, just memorizing joseki isn't that helpful!

I suggest entering joseki you learn (and understand!) from lectures, books, and reviews. Put useful information in the comments about when you might use the joseki.

Then, do practice sessions in Joseki Cat in order to make sure they stay fresh in your mind.

If you find that your sessions are nearly 100% correct, it's probably time to add some new joseki to your repertoire!


Please send any and all feedback to: joseki@milescrawford.com

Created by Miles Crawford

Big thanks to:
  • The excellent WGo.js library.
  • Karin for the logo.
  • Matt for technical advice.